Parenting is hard, and can feel relentless.

I'm a mum of three, I get it. This is my little family (on a rare, all looking to the camera and smiling shot!)

The noise, the bickering, the whining and the 'selective listening, it's enough to drive you a bit nuts isn't it?

Perhaps you have the opposite problem and your kids are worriers, anxious and lacking in self-esteem?

I will help you to understand their little world to make things easier for you and them, through tools I will teach you and empathy you will offer.

When studying Montessori Education I came across a doctor called Doctor Jane Nelson and her parenting approach, Positive Discipline. I knew it was an approach I wanted to use with my own children and an approach that worked and felt really good. I then became a Positive Discipline facilitator and started running workshops and working with families. I have been doing this for over seven years and absolutely love what I do, I am hugely passionate, supportive, empathetic yet firm in my approach to supporting families and most importantly helping you to understand your children. They are magic, our babies they deserve to feel capable, loved and understood.

I have no doubt that we all want to raise happy, healthy, interesting and self-sufficient children, but sometimes the reality of how hard it is to keep calm, implement boundaries and remain patient with our kids can be overwhelming!

You know we only get one shot at this parenting job, it is true, they do grow up so fast, but in the moment it can feel like the days are very long! It's my job to help parents be as awesome as they can be, and teach the skills and tools that I know really work to create a happy and harmonious home. I absolutely love my work, and feel very privileged to play a small part in bringing up your little people.

There are a few ways to work with me.

You can come on one of my popular workshops. Simply take a look at the workshop options. 

If you would like some 1-2-1 support, I have 3 simple options.


  1. The first option is to work together over three 90 minute sessions, followed with a virtual coaching session. 

  2. The second option is to have a 3 hr intensive 1-2-1 in person coaching session with me.

  3. The third option is virtual coaching, which works especially well if you are not local to Windsor.


Frequently asked questions

Can I bring my children to the workshops or 1-2-1 sessions?

With the exception of 'The first year' baby workshop, the answer is no. These workshops and my coaching is with you the parent. You are going to want to give our session your full attention and don't want your kid to know the strategies you are going to be using in advance do you? ; ) Seriously though, book the babysitter, give yourself a few hours off and you will get the most out of our positive parenting sessions. The workshops are interactive and super relaxed. You can enjoy a coffee (or something stronger if needed!) during the sessions, knowing that you are investing in your family. The workshops are held at The Jelly Lounge in Windsor, and they have a fantastic creche you can book your children into for daytime workshops (not evenings). Booking the creche is not done through Positive Parenting with Josie, but directly with The Jelly Lounge please. Call them directly on; 01753 290175

Is there a discount for my partner, if they come to the same workshop as me?

Yes! There is a 10% discount per couple. To book at this rate please contact Josie and she will help you book on to the workshop of your choice. josie@positiveparentingwithjosie.com The discount only applies if you are attending the same workshop on the same dates.

Where is The Hot Coffee Club?

The Hot Coffee Club address is: The Cute Hall behind, St Agnes Church, St Leonard's Road, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 3DX Please check in your workshop booking for exact workshop location. Locations vary.

What is the cancellation policy?

For cancellations please contact us as soon as you can. We are all parents, things happen, we understand.

To book your place on a workshop payment is required upfront. If you need to cancel more than 14 days before a workshop a full refund will be offered. Cancellations after 14 days will result in a forfeit of payment. If you need to cancel within 14 days of the start of the workshop a goodwill gesture will be offered, for only £20 you can rebook onto another workshop but no refund is offered at this stage.