"We have done several of Josie’s courses and learned a lot. Often, what she imparts seems very obvious when you feel like you’re at a brick wall but can’t see what to do!

One to one observation and advice was excellent too. Highly recommended."

Sonny Jeer, father of two


my approach

Positive discipline parenting is about being kind and firm at the same time, building a deep respectful and loving connection. 

This approach to parenting is different to parenting techniques we know, use and have usually experienced. Positive discipline is not pessimistic or corrective nor a free-for-all and overly tolerant, it is completely in the middle. When we understand why the misbehaviour happens we can support and guide our children while focusing on problem solving with both parent and child.

This empowering, empathetic yet firm approach, using positive discipline methods, will create understanding and connection between you and your child.

My work is with you, the parent, to empower and encourage you to be the best parent you can be. 

When the going gets tough, as it inevitably does from time to time, you will have the tools and skills to confidently implement your parenting decisions. This approach supports and connects you more deeply with your child, whilst understanding their feelings and perspective, avoiding shame, blame and humiliation.



So a little about me. 


I am passionate about empowering parents to be the best parent they can be, but this isn’t airy fairy stuff! I work with my clients to give them the practical tools they need to face the everyday challenges of parenting. 


The tools and approach can be implemented straight away and I provide clear steps to get the best from the parent/child relationship.


I use positive discipline with my own children, I have three; a boy and two girls, so understand the complex pressures of parenting. I have a deep connection with my kids, feel fantastic about our relationship and that I understand them very well, but I am not a perfect parent and my children are not perfectly behaved children.


Positive Parenting with Josie is not about being perfect. It’s about doing the best you can, and being the best version of yourself.


As well as running popular parenting workshops, coaching parents on a 1-2-1 basis, and working with schools, I am also a Montessori teacher, with over ten years of experience.


I have helped hundreds of families to implement a practical positive parenting approach, to cut out the trial and error phases and connect more deeply with their children. 

After our work together, you will feel confident and in control, with clear steps of what to do in the most challenging of situations. I passionately believe in what I do, because of the positive difference these tried and tested methods make. 


"I feel like I have much more insight into a child's world and their way of thinking"

Fiona Norman, mum of two