Just spent my evening with some great parents doing this course of Josie’s. Enlightening, encouraging and very exciting. It’s great to see parenting from a more positive approach and from a child’s perspective. I’m already looking forward to the week ahead to try out some more positive strategies. My boys deserve the best of me. Thanks so much Josie

Ginnie Hoggarth, mum of two

I wanted and hope to enjoy the time I spend with my children without fearing my toddlers next reaction to something I may have done wrong in her eyes, I want to feel like I had a toolbox of considered responses and I really, really do now!!

Ella Rose, mum of three 

I wish I could come and see you every Monday I want there to be more of them. I would recommend this to anyone. You are inspiring, enthusiastic, supportive, respectful yet straight talking. I really feel the key to this positive parenting practice being absorbed is from YOU!! 

Sylwia mum of two 

Our family unit has definitely grown stronger by both parenting in a more understanding and connected way. We have become calmer, with greater perspective which enables us to utilise the methods. I have definitely seen progress, which I didn’t believe was possible! The deeper understanding I now have of my children is an epiphany!

Sandra Phillips, mum of three

"Josie's sessions transform, whether you're looking to deal with a specific issue, or like us, just do things right from the beginning. Reading a book will give you the knowledge, but it's only until you do her sessions that you really appreciate the interpretation and situational insight that Josie brings."

Mark Birri, dad of two

Josie’s workshops really give you food for thought and have taught me to empathise with my children and understand how it feels in their world. Even a few years later, I frequently ask myself “how would Josie handle this?”.

Vicky Hern, mum of 2

I attended a positive parenting workshop with Josie when my son was 2yrs old. She is such an expert, so passionate about positive parenting and a pleasure to learn with. She can answer any question or talk about any scenario, never critical of parents, always supportive. I came away empowered, ready to try a new approach. I continue to use positive parenting techniques as my children get older and would recommend a workshop with Josie to anyone.

Julia Lyons, mum of two

As the summer continued we knew we needed to do something, we felt like we were at breaking point and we had no idea what to do. We found Josie on Facebook and hoped this would be helpful. Signing up for the workshop felt like a step in the right direction and each week we saw improvements but we still felt we needed more. Booking Josie to come and work with us one on one has made such a huge difference to our relationship with our son and we are enjoying each and every day. 

Emma Ankers, mum of one